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Himachal Pradesh, Chamba| Tour ID: 987654321

Tour : Manimahesh Yatra Helicopter Tour 2024

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;Manimahesh yatra 2024.



Manimanesh Yatra Registration Information

Presently Registration is Compulsory for Manimahesh Yatra . We will likewise furnish the Registration with All Yatra Packages.

As Per the bearings of Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, for the wellbeing and security of all lover enlistment is currently obligatory for all enthusiast who are participating in the Pilgrimage visit to Shri Manimahesh Kailash Yatra. The enlistment should be possible at Kalsuine (15 km from Chamba enroute to Bharmour) or Hadsar (14 km from Bharmour enroute to manimahesh) and the passanger going by Helicopter ought to enlist at Bharmour. All pioneers will recieve a registartion slip which ought to be submited at above said stations previously, then after the fact the yatra.

Amid this period lakhs of travelers of all the age bunches from over the India and a couple of remote visitors perform Yatra. Manimahesh Yatra is an event of benefit and pride to the fans. Generally the yatra starts from the base camp at Bharmour, which is situated at a height of 7120 feet, 65 KM from the region head quarters of Chamba. At the base camp travelers pay regard at Chaurassi Temple and

Bharmani Mata Temple (3 KM from Bharmour) before setting on for the most exhausting 14KM long trek from Harsar (7000 feet) to heavenly Dal Lake(13500 feet). Manimahesh Yatra trek is a lofty up move from the initial step at Harsar and is undisputedly, the most troublesome. Guests achieve Harsar which is 13 Km from Bharmour in vehicles. According to crude gauge 3 - 4 lakh travelers visit the Dal amid yatra.

The course of trek is Harsar(0 KM) - Dunali(3 KM) - Dhanchho(6 KM) - Sundrassi(9 KM) - GauriKund(11 km) - Manimahesh Dal Lake (13 KM). To encourage and manage the yatra enroute, the locale organization designates segment officers/segment judges/police work forces/restorative and safeguard groups. Control rooms at Bharmour, Dhanchho and at Dal Lale are made useful day and night. Monstrous exercise is made to give sanitation and latrine offices. By and large, a traveler finishes his yatra in 2 - 3 days. For the office of stay courses of action, area organization pitches tents at Dhanchho, Gouri Kund and at Dal lake. Besides,local businesspeople and langarwalas do give safe house to the explorers. Amid this traverse of yatra, explorers stay presented to the vulnerabilities of whether fancies and wellbeing related issues. In perspective of the unanticipated accidents or normal disaster, it is desperately required that we keep a head check and brief data about every traveler. Up until now, there is no official and bona fide information or any data about the travelers who have played out this yatra in earlier year. To stay away from post calamity feedback and to refresh metro and law - arrange related issues, the need of an information base of pioneers is basic. Keeping this goal in view, region organization proposes to enroll the travelers this year. This will be absolutely a disconnected endeavor which can shape a reason for more innovation based arrangement so as to come. In wake of the judgment dated 13 - 12 - 2012 by the Hon'ble Apex court of India in suo moto writ appeal (Civil) No 284 of 2012, Court all alone movement Vs Union of India and others, wherein a mandate other than numerous others, was issued to State of Jammu and Kashmir and the Amarnath Ji Shrine Board to obligatory enlist the Amarnath Yatris for their wellbeing and comfort and the appalling Calamity of Uttrakhand, it is aphoristic that we make fundamental strides toward this path soon.

The Registration frame can be download from the accompanying sites or tap the download connect.

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Manimahesh Yatra Registration Process


Region Contacts for Manimahesh Yatra

Delegate Commissioner 01899-224847

Extra Deputy Commissioner 01899-222540

Extra District Magistrate, Bharmour 01895-225035

Sub Divisional Magistrate, Bharmour 01895-225027

Tehsildar Bharmour 01895-225055

Mountaineering Sub Centre,Bharmour 01895-225036

Healing center: At Chamba 01899-222392

BMO,Bharmour 01895-225044

Police Assistance : At Chamba 01899-222242,222380

SHO, Bharmour 01895-225026

Traveler Information Centres Dalhousie : 01899-242225

Chamba : 01899-224002.

Crisis Number 108

Region Control Room

(Catastrophe Management) 1077

Anna Aventures and Tours

(Manimahesh Yatra Package Tour Operator)

Email Us:-


Western Union ( Money Transfer)

(Anna Adventures and Tours Bharmour)

Principle Bazaar, Post Office and Tehsil : Bharmour

Area Chamba, Himachal pradesh,


Be Safe and Be Happy



₹ 11500





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