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Manimahesh Yatra Registration 2024

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Tour : Manimahesh Yatra Registration

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;Manimahesh yatra 2024.



Heavenly Manimahesh Yatra is booked to be held from 28th August, 2024 to thirteenth September,2024. Consistently it begins upon the arrival of Janmaashtami and finishes up on theRadhaashtami. Amid this period lakhs of explorers of all the age bunches from over the India and a couple of outside voyagers perform Yatra. Manimahesh Yatra is an event of been fit and pride to the enthusiasts. Generally the yatra initiates from the base camp at Bharmour, which is situated at an elevation of 7120 feet, 65 KM from the locale head quarters of Chamba. At the base camp explorers pay respect at Chaurassi Temple and Bharmani Mata Temple (4 KM from Bharmour) before setting on for the most strenuous 14KM long trek from Harsar (7000 feet) to sacred Dal Lake(13500 feet). Manimahesh Yatra trek is a precarious up move from the initial step at Harsar and is undisputedly, the most troublesome. Guests achieve Harsar which is 13 Km from Bharmour in vehicles. According to crude evaluate around 3-4 lakh explorers visit the Dal amid yatra. The course of trek is Harsar(0 KM)- Dunali(3 KM)- Dhanchho(6 KM)- Sundrassi(9 KM)- Gauri Kund(11 km)- Dal Lake (13 KM). To encourage and manage the yatra enroute, the locale organization designates division officers/area justices/police work forces/therapeutic and protect groups. Control rooms at Bharmour, Dhanchho and at Dal Lale are made utilitarian all day and all night. Enormous exercise is made to give sanitation and can offices. By and large, a traveler finishes his yatra in 2-3 days. For the office of stay courses of action, locale organization pitches tents at Dhanchho, Gouri Kund and at Dal lake. Additionally,neighborhood retailers and langarwalas do give safe house to the pioneers. Amid this traverse of yatra, pioneers stay presented to the vulnerabilities of whether ideas and wellbeing related issues. In perspective of the unanticipated incidents or characteristic disaster, it is critically required that we keep a head check and brief data about every pioneer. Up until now, there is no official and credible information or any data about the travelers who have performed this yatra in earlier year. To evade present calamity feedback and on refresh urban and laworder related issues, the need of an information base of explorers is basic. Keeping this objective in view, locale organization proposes to enroll the travelers this year. This will be absolutely a disconnected endeavor which can shape a reason for more innovation based arrangement so as to come. In wake of the judgment dated 13-12-2024 by the Hon'ble Apex court of India in suo moto writ appeal (Civil) No 284 of 2024, Court on its own movement Vs Union of India and others, wherein an order other than numerous others, was issued to State of Jammu and Kashmir and the Amarnath Ji Shrine Board to obligatory enroll the Amarnath Yatris for their security and accommodation and the sad Calamity of Uttrakhand, it is proverbial that we make essential strides in this heading soon.
Well ordered system for Manimahesh Yatra Registration-2024 is as under:
1. Dissemination of Registration Forms (free of cost)will be made at transitory Tourist
Counseling Posts at Chowari, Bathri and Kihar. Additionally, Registration Forms will likewise
be made accessible at locale site, circuit house Dalhousie and Chamba, Bus
stand Chamba, deliberately found roadside dhabas and through langarwalas and
taxi/transport administrators.
2. It has been watched that all things considered pioneers visit Manimahesh in gatherings. The
accentuation is to take data of every individual from a gathering on single Registration
Frame. However, singular pioneers will likewise be enrolled.
3. Travelers will be encouraged to fill the Registration Form which will likewise contain
data about control rooms, crisis phone numbers, restorative camps, campgrounds and rules and regulations amid yatra.
4. Accumulation of Registration Forms of inbound travelers will be done at Registration Focus Kalsuin 15 KM from Chamba on Bhamour Road and thusly three Registration Slips bearing exceptional enlistment number will be issued.
5. Just a single individual (gathering pioneer) will deboard the vehicle to handover the Enlistment Form and he will be given Registration Slips in under one moment so that there is least resistance and burden to the guests.
6. Inbound pioneers will store the First Registration Slip at Harsar Registration Focus (1 KM from Harsar).
7. On return travel Second Registration Slip will be given over at Harsar Enrollment Center.
8. Outbound explorer will store the Third Registration Slip at Registration Center Kalsuin.
9. An automated information base of the inbound and outbound travelers' enlistment numbers will be kept up. A product will created by NIC Chamba for making furthermore, keeping up this information base. This product will give a few reports which will empower us to know number of inbound and outbound travelers on consistently and their personality. Likewise it will be conceivable to know number and character of individuals present at Manimahesh.
10. Thusly toward the finish of day we will have the data of human movement in between Kalsuin-Bharmour Sector and Harsar-Dal Lake part.
11. Endeavors will be made to have a head number of guests including explorers, horse walas, potters and so on at Dhanchho, Gouri Kund and Dal Lake.
1. To enlist all aficionados going by Manimahesh with least burden to explorers.
2. To record the quantity of explorers going to MM by walking, in contract carriage, in organize carriage, in private vehicles and by walking.
3. To enroll inbound and outbound travelers at Kalsuin and Harsar.
4. To record number of Male, Female explorers with age.
5. To record the quantity of explorers between Kalsuin-Bharmour , Harsar-Dal Lake Area.
6. To instruct and direct the guests about the Dos and Don'ts amid Yatra.
7. To teach and guide the guests about different offices accessible to them.
1. Better future arranging and legitimate approach detailing for future.
2. All the more professional dynamic approach from organization when real number of guests' information is accessible.
3. Better getting ready for the guests in view of real evaluation of age and sexual orientation.
4. Better and arranged administration in case of any catastrophic event.
5. To manage vehicular and human movement if there should be an occurrence of convincing conditions.
6. To have pre-journey wellbeing check, if need be.

Helicopter ride to Mani Mahesh Lake in Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh, INDIA
The name Manimahesh connotes a gem (Mani) on Lord Shiva's (Mahesh'es) crown.... Neighborhood individuals assert that the moon-beams reflected from the gem can be seen from Manimahesh Lake on clear full-moon evenings (which is an uncommon occasion)... It will probably be the light reflected from the icy mass , like a serpent on Shiva's neck.


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